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Overseer's Log
Sun Jul 07, 2013 8:07 pm by Glowing One
I`m gonna post the stuff I do every day on this forum, starting from yesterday.

Sixth of July, 2013:
-The vault has been closed. I have set up the …

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 Rules and Important Information

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Glowing One

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PostSubject: Rules and Important Information   Sat Jul 06, 2013 6:25 pm

First, I want to welcome all of you little fetuses into the Wastes of post-apocalyptic USA! You're not going anywhere...

This thread is going to provide you with all the information you need before you get started. On the other threads you'll find more in-depth information about the stuff here, as well as information that you'll need to have in order to create your character!

1. Swears are permitted, but no excessive swearing. Everyone here is above 16 until proven otherwise. No swearing in the Out of Context(OOC) zone.
2.Pornographic material of any sort of forbidden and publishing of such will result in a ban!
3. Racism, sexism and others are permitted to an extent only in the RP-zone. Anything of this sort practised in the OOC part will bring the ban-hammer to you.
4. No flaming, trolling or arguing with the Moderators/Admins. We're God here, and God tells you to shut the f*ck up.
5. Have fun.

Concept of the game

What is this site?! What am I supposed to do?
This is a RPG forum based on the Fallout franchise. You are a Vault dweller from one of the several vaults here. Before you can go out into the wasteland, you'll need to take your G.O.A.Ts exam and form a team with several other dwellers. This is optional of course, but will increase the rate of survivalness to almost 200%! Once out, you can go to a settlement where you can take quests and buy weaponry/medical supplies/armor. There are also specialised shops scattered around the wasteland that provide higher-quality and quantity of weapon/armor/medical supplies to your needs, at a higher cost, naturally.

Once you step out of the Vault for the first time, you'll be give a 9mm pistol and 60 9mm ammo, as well as the standart Vault Jumpsuit and some medical supplies. From there on, you're on your own. You have to make your way to a settlement where you can start living or just use it to buy and sell stuff and go to quests. Every city has quests that you can complete. They're divided into 3 categories - Normal, Hard and Nuclear. E.G:

A normal quest can involve killing 8 mole rats or killing the rad-roaches in someone's basement.

A hard quest can involve the finding and execution of a raider/bandit. Raiders and bandits are both NPCs and Real players. More info will be given in the QUESTS thread.

A legendary quest will be something of like killing 3 deathclaws or Mutant Behemoths. Stuff you wouldn't survive, y'know?

Anyway, when a quest is done, you'll receive a reward and some exp. depending on how hard the quest was. A reward can either be a rare weapons or armor, or bottlecaps. Once you gather enough exp. you level up and get to distribute 20 pts. between all the skills. For more information about the skills, check the SKILLS thread. There are no perks here, because it would become far-too indepth.

On higher levels, around 10-15 or so, you'll get a special option to become a ghoul or mutant. This is totally optional, but it gives you some very interesting RP options. For example:

If you become a mutant, you'll get +200% the amount of HP you have(Current HP+current HPx2 for people who don't get it), you are 50% resistant to damage and radiation, but when you cripple one of your limbs, you can't heal it with stimpaks, but you need a doctor's bag. You're atacked on sight by settlements and shops, so you can`t do quests or buy things. You do, however get the option to raid villages/shops and steal whatever you find.

The ghouls are the most fun to play. They don't have a separate group, but are part of the Wanderers/Enclave/BoS soldiers. That makes them very hard to recognize them, which brings to some pretty lethal situations. A ghoul can pose for a normal wanderer and ask for your assistance. Then eat you. To death!

At this point I realise that you're probably bored of all these things. But don't worry, we're close to the end, and i`ll try to round up in a few words everything about the Enclave and BoS.

The Enclave and Brotherhood of Steel are joinable factions. Once you join a faction, you receive special power-armor and an energy weapon(if using eng.weapons) or small/big gun(Wonder why?). These two factions fight between themselves. Instead of huge-scale carnage style of battles though, they make duels. A Enclave soldier, for example, can challenge a BoS soldier to a duel. If one of them dies, the winner receives a prize(sum of duelists level x10). The loser is resurrected with no penalty. That's all of it for this mechanic for now.
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Rules and Important Information
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