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Sun Jul 07, 2013 8:07 pm by Glowing One
I`m gonna post the stuff I do every day on this forum, starting from yesterday.

Sixth of July, 2013:
-The vault has been closed. I have set up the …

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 How damage is calculated

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PostSubject: How damage is calculated   Sun Jul 07, 2013 9:58 am

This thread is going to show you how damage is calculated when shooting and being shot at.

For example, you have a Hunting rifle that does 15 points of base damage. This is the damage the gun does, without taking note of your proficiency. Each weapon does a certain amount of DPS, Damage per second. Our hunting rifle here would do 15 DPS, because it takes 1 second to shoot and reload the next bullet. The damage formula is:
DPS + (Small guns / 5 + AGI). So, if we have 65 points in small guns and 8 agility, we would do 36 points of damage per shot. Here's an example with a Chinese assault rifle:
21 DPS + (65 / 5 + Cool= 21 + (13+Cool= 21+21= 42 damages per shot*.

*A shot with an assault rifle actually means the burst fire mode. A chinese assault rifle's burst mode shoots 3 bullets at a time, a single bullet does 7 damage.
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How damage is calculated
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